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Of Fire and Ice

October 15, 2020 Vanessa K. Eccles Episode 45
Fabled Collective
Of Fire and Ice
Show Notes

Shh… can you hear it? The woods are calling. 

There’s something mysterious about the woods, wouldn’t you agree? I remember one of my favorite things to do as a child was wander through the woods close to our house, and my best friend and I would treasure hunt in the woods behind her home. As children, we are incurably curious, which makes those wandering parts of our childhoods almost magical. As adults, we struggle to hold onto that kind of magic—the kind that stirs the butterflies and swirls our minds with fantasy. Often times, we seek out cliché adult activities that simply don’t fulfill that curious well, when what we really, really want is to feel that sense of wonder and amazement—we want to go back to a time when monsters lurked in the closet and fairies left gifts in the forest. We want to believe that the connection to the unknown, the supernatural, really does exist.


That’s what motivated me to begin this podcast and to write the books I do. I believe that magic, that undeniable force of curiosity can be held onto as an adult. If only we seek, we will certainly find.


We’re celebrating at Fabled Collective. Last week, we released our first anthology, Women of the Woods. I’ll be sharing my contribution to the book… “Of Fire and Ice” is a story about a beastly woman whose anger makes her infamous.

WOMEN OF THE WOODS link: https://books2read.com/u/b6Z5WW

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